Yesterday at NX35: NX35 2010 Closes Its Four-Day Run In Fine Fashion

Another night, another slew of solid lineups all around the heart of downtown Denton for Sunday's final night of the four-day North by 35 Music Conferette. And, early in the evening after the previous night's blow-out Flaming Lips' show (and a slew of other excellent performances over the previous three days of the festival), it seemed that people were starting to finally lose some steam--though, really, the lines were no less long.

There were lines at most of the venues again last night, and it was nice to see some of the bars--like at Andy's Bar for Damaged Good$, DJ MomJeans and others--finally setting up very clearly-defined lines for the wrist-banded and the walkups.

Yeah, the crowds were out again last night. Early too. And, while it may have been all in my head, it sure seemed like folks were strolling around the Square a little bit slower and maybe even clapping and cheering a little softer after bands played than in previous nights.

Even the people that Camel had manning its "adult-sampling" tents weren't whooping and hollering quite as loud as they had been in previous night.

But, a few hours later--blame the camaraderie, the music and the booze--the mood had shifted completely and the crowds seemed to have slipped right back into full-on party mode.

Of course, that's just what I hear.

I was camped out at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios by the end of the night for Ishi, Florene and Neon Indian. And everyone there already knew that was gonna turn into a party.

Lessons were learned after the previous three nights of missing out on a handful of shows because of capacity crowds at the participating venues. So, like many conferette attendees, the plan for the night was to stay planted.

At Rubber Gloves, the crowds were sure showing up very early and camping out. By 8:30 p.m., a line of about 15 to 20 people were queued, waiting outside of Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios as FUR started its DJ set. But, after catching Ishi's irresistibly danceable set, and not wanting to just let that buzz wear off, the appeal of checking out some of the other shows around town proved too hard to resist. It was decided that a little club hopping was in order, even if I'd heard via Tweet and text that Andy's and Hailey's were packed to the brim (the latter for The Walkmen).

Luckily, the Andy's line wasn't too bad, and enough folks cleared out after AnonymousCulture that I managed to slip in to the one-in one-out club just in time to catch Damaged Good$ taking the stage. But, after catching only a few songs, I headed back over to Rubber Gloves to catch Florene. After starting off with some technical difficulties, the Denton experimental electronic duo did a great job of getting the crowd warmed up for Neon Indian. The duo wrapped up its set to screams and applause from the crowd.

Oh, and Neon Indian didn't disappoint. It was the first time the band had played Rubber Gloves since the act debuted there back in September.

NX35 didn't really disappoint, either. Blew the inaugural conferette out of the water, actually.

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Daniel Rodrigue
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