Yesterday at NX35: Sarah Jaffe (and friends) at Hailey's

BAND: Sarah Jaffe
VENUE: Hailey's Club
TIME: 11:45 p.m.

OK. I know that there were a bunch of people from Dallas at Hailey's last night. How do I know this? Because the back half of the room was too busy chatting about their new hairdos and taking group pics on their camera phones bother to listen to Sarah Jaffe's brilliant set.

Seriously, I wanted to yell, "SHUT THE EFF UP!!"

I don't think I've ever been that irritated with a crowd in my life.

Whew...I feel better now.

As I said, her set was brilliant--the highlight of the night obviously being when Jaffe was joined onstage by Centro-matic's Will Johnson and Matthew and the Arrogant Sea's Matthew Gray for a cover of the Magnetic Field's "Strange Powers."

"I'm so fucking grateful to live in Denton, look at this talent up here," Jaffe said before launching into "Even Born Again."

Thankfully, enough of the crowd was paying attention, because after finishing her last song, they demanded an encore, and Jaffe obliged.

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