You Gave Me What? Part 2: Worthwhile Beatles Bio

We're out to steer you toward the best in last minute stocking stuffers for the music junkie in your life. (We're also quick to point out those gifts to avoid.) We've got

five great picks

-- one a day this week. This second item will make your music historian friend grin.

Part 1: Badfinger's Back

Worthwhile Beatles Bio If there was ever a band that didn’t need another biography, it’s the fab four. Even more surprising is that Jonathan Gould’s “Can’t Buy Me Love” is such a terrific read. Fairly exhaustive at more than 600 pages, the book doesn’t feature any long lost revelations, just solid journalism documenting the birth, rise to stardom, death and postmortem of rock’s most legendary quartet. -- Darryl Smyers

We found a video of Gould talking about the book. If you're dying to know more, indulge after the jump.

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