Zac Crain's Top 10 Texas Albums:

Too Far To Care, The Old 97's (Elektra)
UFOFU, UFOFU (Medicine)
Redo The Stacks, Centro-matic (Steve)
The Twelve-Point Masterplan, Bobgoblin (MCA)
Barrel-Chested, Slobberbone (Doolittle)
Hell Is Other People, Dynamite Boy (Off-Time)
Golden Energy, the tomorrowpeople (Last Beat)
Chromatose, Novachrome (self-released)
Shimmer, Buck Jones (steve)
The Impossibles, The Impossibles (Red 5)

Top 10 Shows
Descendents, Deep Ellum Live (March 12)
Boo Radleys, Trees (May 23)
that dog, The Galaxy Club (July 3)
Mr T Experience, The Argo (September 17)
Charlatans UK/Dandy Warhols, Trees (October 7)
Olivia Tremor Control/The Apples in Stereo, The Orbit Room (October 23)
Green Day, Deep Ellum Live (October 30)
Jane's Addiction, Fair Park Coliseum (November 18)
Goldfinger, Deep Ellum Live (November 19)
Spiritualized, Deep Ellum Live (December 12)

Zac Crain is the music listings editor for the Observer and a frequent contributor to the music section.

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Zac Crain
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