A Sneak Peek at Just Where They're Gonna Dance That Mess Around Fair Park Next Week

I've been trying to figure out: How much of Fair Park will actually get used one week from tomorrow, when it turns into the biggest effing dance party this town's ever seen (I guess, whatever, close to). Because, in case you haven't heard, on June 19 the Electric Daisy Carnival -- a Los Angeles institution since '96 -- makes its first trip to Dallas, bringing along for the ride into the wee small hours the likes of Moby (who's doing a DJ set), Benny Benassi, Rusko, MSTRKRFT's JFK and a whole bunch more people I'm way too old to dance to in public.

The Web site doesn't yet show an event map -- it just says the the carnival will be held in Centennial Hall "and the grounds of Fair Park," which covers a lot of space. And in L.A., they've filled up the Memorial Coliseum, site of this year's throwdown one week after Dallas. So, then ... Cotton Bowl?

Nope, says Mark Jarrell, senior Fair Park manager and the man in charge of the venerable stadium. It'd be nice, but: "Since this is their first year here, they're not expecting the number of people they get in L.A.," Jarrell tells Unfair Park. "Maybe in a few years it'll grow, when people get used to it being in Dallas."

I also wondered if perhaps the Midway might be open for the Carnival; the Web site just this morning posted an update that it's to include several rides. Nope, says Jarrell: They've rented the 300-space parking lot opposite the Food and Fiber Building, which is where park officials expect those rides will go.

That said, park officials really don't know what to expect. Park and Rec and Dallas police officials say they've been advance-scouting the event from afar and noticed that crowds outside of L.A. -- the Electric Daisy Carnival's slowly been taking the show to Denver and Puerto Rico in recent years -- are nowhere near the size of the mothership jam.

"They're just trying to get people used to the event here and trying to grow it," Jarrell says. "But they're not expecting the attendance they get in California."

Nonetheless, city officials are delighted to get the business -- anything to fill up Fair Park, which was to play host to 50 Cent tomorrow night at the Band Shell till the local promoter inexplicably canceled yesterday to do "flash floor warnings in effect," per an e-mail from a Universal Music rep.

"I don't think we've ever had a dance type of thing that I can recall," Jarrell says. "We've had big concerts, of course -- Eric Clapton, the Rolling Stones, the Who at the Cotton Bowl -- but nothing like this. It'll be a new experience for everyone."

Now where'd I put my pacifier and glowsticks?

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