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All the Information You Need for Your (Hopefully) Baseball-Filled End of the Work Week

Major League Baseball, as it did in 2010, 2011 and 2015, and as it will the next time the Rangers make the playoffs and aren't playing the Yankees or Red Sox, has screwed DFW baseball fans again. The Rangers will start their 2016 playoff journey with a couple of weekday day games for the second consecutive year.

Despite the fact that they're matched up with the Blue Jays, reprising last year's five-game ALDS epic, the Rangers play second fiddle to the Red Sox and Indians by playing at 3:30 p.m. on Thursday and noon on Friday. The simmering tension stemming from Jose Bautista's 2015 bat flip and Rougned Odor's 2016 punch just weren't enough to secure priority over David Ortiz's final trip to the playoffs.

The early starts aren't all bad, though. If you work a nontraditional schedule or have a particularly benevolent boss, there are a ton of tickets — about 8,000 — available on Stubhub for each game, and even Wednesday afternoon, more than 24 hours before first pitch, prices were already starting to dip because of the glut. Tickets can be had now for less than $30, a number that will go even lower before the game starts.

If you can't get out of the office, there are plenty of streaming options available, whether you're stuck at your desk or can commandeer a conference room.

Each game between the Rangers and Blue Jays will be broadcast nationally on TBS. If your place of employment has basic cable, you're already good. If it doesn't, TBS is available to stream at TBS.com or through the WatchTBS app, provided you have a cable login. (If you're a filthy cord cutter, just use whatever password combination you've leeched to get HBO GO, it should work.) Failing either of those options, many people are saying that there may be less than legal streams available, should you look hard enough.

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