Apparently, District 13 Can't Lose

At 8:50 this morning, The Real Estate Council sent to local media its Government Affairs Committee's endorsements for the upcoming Dallas City Council race. Not a whole lot of WTF there: All the incumbents got the nod save for Carolyn Davis, as the GAC went instead with Dallas school board trustee Ron Price. But we were curious about one thing: Why did the council opt to "co-endorse" Brint Ryan or Ann Margolin in the hotly contested, way expensive District 13 race to replace Mitchell Rasansky? Neal Sleeper, what say you?

"How did I know you were going to bring that one up?" said Neal Sleeper, TREC Government Affairs Committee chair, when he returned Unfair Park's call this afternoon. "Well, I would say that in that race, it was really just a question of our committee thought there were two outstanding candidates and couldn't bring themselves to make a decision between one or the other. They were blown away by both.

"We try very hard every year to endorse only one person in every race, and in every other race we were able to do that. Some were strongly in favor of Ann, and some were strongly in favor of Brint, but there were no consensus because we like them both. I wish I could give you a better answer than that. I prefer we don't co-endorse, but in this one case that was the best could get down it."

Margolin and Ryan could race for it.

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