Celebrate July 4 With the Rangers' Amazing Patriotic Photo

Following a disappointing 5-4 rubber-game loss to the Twins in Minnesota Sunday afternoon, the Rangers made the best of the situation and headed to their three-game set in Boston dressed in what the sartorially challenged might call "style."

There is enough going on in this photo to fill a blog for weeks on end, but let's take a look a five things that immediately stand out about this wonderful piece of Americana.

1. Sam Dyson is, apparently, not wearing a shirt — Dyson, sixth from the left on the second row appears to be wearing his patriotic tie and jacket combo without a shirt. Dyson is the closer on a first-place team in Major League Baseball and can't be bothered to put on a shirt for a team photo, which is terrific.

2. Rougned Odor can't be tamed — Rather than taking a knee like the rest of the Rangers' personnel on the front row of the photo, Rougned Odor, second baseman and Jose Bautista-puncher extraordinaire, decided to take a seat on what seems to be a bucket that once contained sunflower seeds or gum. Rougned is continuing to do Rougned, and that should make us all happy.

3. Shawn Tolleson can't look up — Assuming the Rangers posted the best version of the photo on social media, one has to wonder what Tolleson, fifth from the right on the second row, was doing with himself in the outtakes.

4. Jurickson Profar makes the ladies, and gentlemen, swoon — As he so often does, Profar, standing immediately to Tolleson's right, looks resplendent. The beaming smile, the confidence, the sunglasses. He's the complete package.

5. Hey! That's Michael Roth. — The newest Ranger, Michael Roth, just up from Triple A to provide bullpen relief in Boston, managed to get in on the fun before he'd even pitched in a big league game for the Rangers, popping into the photo on the front row, fourth from the right.

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