News in the mirror is closer than it appears.EXPAND
News in the mirror is closer than it appears.
Joe Pappalardo

Creepy Clowns, Dismemberment and Murder-For-Hire: This Week's News in Review

We know you're busy, so here's a recap of the week's news, brought to you by your friends at the Dallas Observer.

Mexican Officials Hand Over Alleged Murder-For-Hire Suspect Brenda Delgado
The alleged mastermind of the murder of a Dallas dentist has been returned to Dallas County.

At the End of His Last Day As Chief, David Brown Gets a VP Debate Shoutout
The head of the Dallas Police Department exits his post, leaving a trail of accolades — and some complaints — in his wake. 

How Did a Date End in Death and Dismemberment for a TWU Student?
Those looking for answers regarding what happened to Jacqueline Vandagriff include the friends of the man accused of killing her.

Denton Police Officer Urges Facebook Followers to "Pop a Cap" in Creepy Clowns
Clown/cop relations hit a new low in North Texas.

Weekly Schutze

When I looked at recent IRS filings for the Texas Tribune, I found the UT System gave the Tribune $196,243 in 2012 and $352,333 in 2013, for a total in those two years alone of well over half a million dollars, which, for an online news service without printing or distribution expenses is a damn sweet piece of change. But who cares, right? It’s all going to journalism, and, as we know, journalism is the holy pursuit of truth in which no one gives a thought to money and no one ever buys a sailboat with the extra. I’m sure that’s all true. But I was trying to figure out the difference between two very different stories I read about Wallace Hall and his court case against UT.

From Jim Schutze, "UT Admissions Case Goes to High Court, Journalism Goes to Hell"

Parting Shot

Pop a Cap In A Clown is not a Texas State Fair game.
Pop a Cap In A Clown is not a Texas State Fair game.


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