Well, ain't that something. Jerry met the pope.
Well, ain't that something. Jerry met the pope.
U.S. Embassy of Italy

The Vatican Huddle: Jerry Jones Visits the Pope

On Wednesday Jerry Jones met the Pope. He was one of a group of NFL Hall of Famers who met Pope Francis in what the Pro Football Hall of Fame is calling The Vatican Huddle. The photos and social media coments are vintage Jones.

“Teamwork, fair play and the pursuit of personal excellence are the values — in the religious sense, we can say virtues that have guided your commitment, on and off the field” Francis said. “These values meet the needs of our brothers and sisters and combat the exaggerated individualism, indifference and injustice that hold us back from living as one human family.”

Jones thanked the pope for bringing awareness to the NFL. "What a magnificent thing for the Pro Football Hall of Fame and to have him recognize pro football. When I think of the millions who know our Spiritual leader, it is very special to think that we had his audience on behalf of the game,” Jones said.

After the group's visit to the Vatican, they headed to the Sistine Chapel and the U.S. Embassy in Rome, according to the Hall of Fame.

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