Deadspin Just Might Make You Feel Really, Really Bad for Skip Bayless

Skip Bayless

You know who people really don't seem to like? Skip Bayless, who's had more jobs in local media than Eric Celeste: The Dallas Morning News, the Dallas Times Herald, KTCK-AM (The Ticket) and even the paper version of Unfair Park for a while, after Belo shuttered the Herald. 'Bout four years back in the Observer, Celeste even got Bayless to admit he was thinking of returning to Dallas -- but only because Bayless "kept hearing things like 'We really miss your writing' or 'Dallas really misses your voice.'" And we totally believe him.

But over on Deadspin today, Bayless is finding out that folks don't think much of his work -- most of which is for TV these days, where, writes departing Deadspin editor Will Leitch, he's become nothing more than a "fake contrarian." So go vote for Bayless, if you, ya know, really miss his voice; he needs all the love he can get, wow. And if you don't miss it, well, you will have plenty of company. --Robert Wilonsky

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