Don Hill's Open Letter to You

Don Hill wants you to know that he isn't supporting Ed Oakley or Tom Leppert in their bids to become Your Next Mayor. Not supporting them yet, that is. He might pick someone to endorse, if either Oakley or Leppert believes as Don Hill believes. And what does Don Hill believe, besides the fact that coming in third sucks? That's after the jump. As an aside, I can't help but read this and wonder why Hill didn't put this on his Web site months ago. --Robert WIlonsky

To: Citizens of Dallas

Thank you for all of your support for my candidacy to become the Mayor of Dallas. I will always put the city’s interest before my own. As such, I have outlined what I believe the next mayor can embrace to positively impact all of its citizens.

Things I Believe

1.) I believe the mayor of the City of Dallas must be a servant to all of the citizens, not just the powerful and the wealthy.

2.) I believe in the Dallas Inland Port as the economic heartbeat of the City of Dallas.

3.) I believe that each council member should have an (empowerment fund) of $5 million dollars to be used exclusively for district projects subject to council approval.

4.) I believe that the School District, City of Dallas, Dallas County, Dallas Housing Authority, and Texas Enterprise Fund should develop an economic development strategy in the nature of a public/private partnership for the area immediately south of the Trinity River, east of I-35s bounded by I-35 on the west, Corinth St. on the east, the 10Th St. Historic district on the south, and the Trinity River on the north. The centerpiece of this development would be Townview High School which is the best Public High School in America.

5.) I believe in the Trinity River Balanced Vision Plan with the “Toll Road” to be decided by the voters.

6.) I believe in an Arts & Entertainment Area for all forms of appropriate artistic expressions with its center in the Downtown Area and radiating west to the West End, North in Uptown, East into Deep Ellum and South into South Dallas area; specifically the Martin Luther King Blvd. and Grand Ave.

7.) I believe that neighborhoods must be a top priority for the City of Dallas Mayor and City Council, even at times to the expense of development.

8.) I believe in public funding for the creation of a Pharmacy School at the University of North Texas at Dallas.

9.) I believe that transit oriented development must include all ethnic business groups to prosper with Lancaster/Kiest Corridor as the top priority.

10.) I believe that the leadership of the faith community must be fully engaged and involved in all important decisions made at city hall.

My decision to support Ed Oakley or Tom Leppert in the Mayor's race will depend on their public commitment, support, and campaign emphasis on these beliefs which I believe are good for Dallas.


Donald W. Hill Mayor Pro Tem City of Dallas

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.