Double Wide Died

Rumors are flying at Internet speed, so here's what I know for sure--the Double Wide is closing down. Their doors will not be open tonight and will not be open in the immediate future. I spoke with DW booking agent Chelsea Callahan just a few minutes ago--she answered her phone without even saying "Hello," just, "It's true." She was unable to confirm much of anything--why it's closed or for how long--but she asked me to forward her to her retail manager at the Dallas Observer to request that the Double Wide's upcoming advertisement be scrapped.

I then called DW PR representative Kelly Smith, who forwarded a press release to me (below after the jump). She was unable to speak this evening but arranged for owner Jim Sibert to call tomorrow to answer more questions. That interview will be posted either on this blog or in the Wednesday afternoon edition of the Observer. -Sam Machkovech

Tornado Season is Officially Over

After Three Years Double Wide Closes Its Doors

Contact: Kelly Smith

Endeavor Public Relations

Dallas, Texas-(April 11, 2006)-After three years at the edge of Deep Ellum the swirling tornado known as Double Wide has closed its doors effective immediately. Home to an eclectic hodgepodge of trailer park kitsch, Double Wide dually served as a popular watering hole and live music venue. Citing neighborhood issues and declining Deep Ellum patronage, Double Wide has decided to look for space further North and reopen serving food and great music.

"It's not necessary to regurgitate the issues Deep Ellum business holders face, but you just get to a point where you have to take a step back and make the best decision even though it's not easy," says Double Wide owner and operator Jim Sibert. "My initial plan was to locate a new venue and make a seamless transition, but that venue hasn't presented itself yet so we're going to go ahead and say last call to a great run."

Double Wide booking hopes to reschedule show. More information will be posted on www.double-wide.com.

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