Fight! Fight! Fight! Tonight!

Where you will find Jim Schutze starting at 6:30 this evening: at Rosemont Primary School, off N. Hampton Road and W. Davis Street, not far from the Stevens Park Gold Course. He's attending -- what else? -- a League of Women Voters of Dallas-sponsored Trinity toll road debate that'll pit six-lane-wide Mayor Tom and ex-council member Veletta Lill against slow-and-low Angela Hunt, who's bringing her own former council member, Sandy Greyson.

Of all the getdowns planned before the November 6 referendum, this one promises to be the most get-down: Not only is former collegiate debater State Rep. Rafael Anchia (the alleged Switzerland of this debate) among the two moderators -- the other's former Dallas Morning News writer-turned-Foundation for Community Empowerment writer and analyst Victoria Loe Hicks -- but a LWVD rep promises "it will follow a modified Lincoln/Douglas format, allowing the two sides to confront each other completely unscripted and uninterrupted." After organizers pull Leppert off of Hunt, folks in the crowd will get to ask anyone on the panel anything they want. Your suggestions for questions are more than welcome below. --Robert Wilonsky

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