Griffith Says "Cheese," Again, While Coats Gets Around

Tom Leppert's got those scintillating ads that look more staged than the Mars landing (sorry, no Capricorn One fans in the room?). Gary Griffith's still saying "cheese" in order to scare voters to the polls, and the other mayoral candidates, well, they're not yet there with their TV spots -- that, or I just can't find 'em no place. But on YouTube, Sam Coats has posted two more of his folksy, li'l-ol'-me spots, which were, we hear, done by his own kin with their own cameras. In one, he's in the Fair Park area promising redevelopment, tax-base increases and crime reduction; in the other, he's swearin' off McMansions. Here's that South Dallas spot, and after the jump are Griffith's "cheese" ad and Coats' second spot. Still waiting on you, Ed Oakley. You too, Darrell Jordan. It's the 21st century, D.J. Enough with the radio commercials. --Robert Wilonsky

And Gary Griffith, say "cheese." Please?

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Robert Wilonsky
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