Homicide or "Honor Killing": The Debate Resumes Following FBI Posting

Sarah, left, and Amina, right, were sisters and best friends.

Earlier this month, the FBI added Yaser Abdel Said to its list of "Featured Fugitives," his crime: "UNLAWFUL FLIGHT TO AVOID PROSECUTION - CAPITAL MURDER - MULTIPLE." No doubt you recall he's accused of killing daughters Sarah and Amina, who he took for a ride in his taxi on New Year's Eve before, allegedly, shooting them in the cab that was later found outside an Irving hotel. Said's been on the run since, and the killings were the subject of a June cover story in the paper version of Unfair Park, in which Glenna dealt with whether or not Said's alleged act should be considered a so-called "honor killing."

But the FBI's first-ever use of the phrase on a most-wanted poster -- "Reportedly, the girls were murdered due to an 'Honor Killing'" -- has sparked controversy, yet again, among Muslim activists afraid of the stigma affixed to the term. A Friend of Unfair Park sends along this FOX News story on the subject. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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