If Nothing Else, Shouting About the City Budget Might Make You Feel a Little Better

Perhaps you have an idea how the city can cut, oh, $100 million in order to fix its busted-up budget. Or, just maybe, you're really not terribly keen on the idea of City Manager Mary Suhm leaving 12 code enforcement positions unfilled in order to make up the ever-expanding deficit. Or perhaps you, like Murray Blum in the movie Dave, are just the kind of accountant who can take one look at the books and find all kinds of item upon which the city's wasting plenty of dough-re-mi.

Regardless, any way you slice it, before Suhm turns in her final budget to the council in August, she's got to hold a handful of public hearings during which the citizenry can make itself heard loud and what's-that-you-say? Hence, this schedule of shindigs, which begin Wednesday and run through June 25. I'll be at the one on June 22, but only because I have to pick up the kid from camp anyhow.

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