If Only He'd Been Seated Next to Larry David

On an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm that aired, oh, about a year ago, Larry David lectured an airplane seatmate about what not to wear on a flight. "A little traveling tip: Try not to wear shorts. Not all that attractive to look at for five hours." Which I mention only because a Friend of Unfair Park forwards along this how'd-we-miss-that CNN iReport filed from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, in which a woman named Lisa Oaks and her husband Mark espied an American Airlines first-class passenger decked out in "a thong with half his butt exposed," which doesn't begin to do justice to the accompanying photo.

The gentleman was indeed allowed on the flight last week, thus prompting this 321-comments-and-counting debate (a favorite: "This makes me uncomfortable and I even [went] to art school!"). The upshot: At least he didn't try to fly Southwest.

Update: A Friend of Unfair Park who is very familiar with DFW writes: "If you enlarge that photo on CNN, you'll see that the CNN logo is covering a gate sign in the background: E38." And AA don't fly outta E.

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Robert Wilonsky
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