It Must Be the Money?

Yesterday evening, we heard from Ken Carter, one of Don Hill's closest campaign advisors back when 43 people were running for mayor. Carter denied Ed Oakley's allegations -- which he made again to our own Matt Pulle last night -- that Hill's people went to Oakley and Tom Leppert to demand money and jobs.

This morning we hear from Saundra Lohr, the other half of the Hill-for-Mayor team. In an e-mail sent our way, she reiterates what Carter told Unfair Park last night. Only, she's a bit more...forceful? Her response is after the jump. --Robert Wilonsky

In discussions with Ed Oakley's campaign about the cost for reaching African-American voters in the Southern Sector the discussion centered on media buys, voter out-reach and direct mail.

We never indicated that professional fees were in any way a part of the associated costs. I would be curious to find what Oakley paid to Cathy Neely, John W. Price and affiliated company for their efforts on Mr. Oakley's behalf in the run-off. I am pretty sure that they did not offer their services for FREE.

Ken Carter and I never sought professional fees from either candidate for the Mayoral run-off, nor did we seek payment directly to us for our advice.

Please call if you need further comments or clarification about these discussions......

Best Regards,

Saundra Lohr

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.