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"It's Getting Rather Messy": The Best of the Rick Perry Facebook Bomb

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Over at the Morning News' Trail Blazers Blog, Christy Hoppe pointed out late yesterday that Rick Perry's Facebook page has been "inundated by angry women" unhappy about the end of the Medicaid Women's Health Program.

Perry's Facebook bomb is actually part of a larger effort to "sarcasm-flood" the pages of politicians who are currently pushing anti-abortion or anti-women's health measures. Kansas Governor Sam Brownback has indicated his support for a particularly broad anti-abortion bill, one that would, among other things, give obstetricians the legal ability to lie to their patients about fetal abnormalities. Alternet posted some screenshots of some of the best, funniest, saddest, and most disgusting ones on Brownback's page ("How much discharge is too much discharge?").

Many of the attacks on Perry have been removed, and wall-writing was temporarily disabled (though it's since been turned back on), but here are few of the best bombs still standing.

Dear Mr. Perry,

I recently discovered that I have not one but three fallopian tubes on each side. Does this make me a saint? Also, my periods have been coming more frequently lately -- is this a sign from God that I should have twice as many babies, or is it just a food intolerance?

Dear Rick. I'm a dude, but I want to experience the joy of menstrual cramps just like women do. Will looking at your picture be painful enough, or do I have to think you go elected President to feel the same level of discomfort? Just curious.

Dear Rick Perry - Where do I send my used tampons so any viable eggs can be harvested? Thanks.

Dear Mr. Perry,

What should I do with all these unfertilized eggs? My body gets rid of one every month or so, and I just don't know what to do with them. I'm sure it wasn't natural selection that made this the easiest way to keep me fertile 24/7.

Please respond soon. It's getting rather messy.

Mr. Perry, I am writing because I have been feeling incredibly guilty recently for having a uterus. Your solution seems to be handing it over to stronger and wiser men. Is there a clinic where I can get a hysterectomy and just mail you my uterus directly? Thanks in advance!

Dear Rick,

I am a Canadian. I don't know you, but I heard you're the man when it comes to yeast infection advice?? I am suffering from blue waffle syndrome. Please help. Thanks! xx

I've been using the pill for over 6 years since I became sexually active with the man who is now my husband. Not having children has allowed us to continue our educations, start our careers, and travel. Since I have denied about 72 eggs their chance to become human beings, can you tell me what level of Hell I am destined for? I just want to be prepared. Thanks.

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