Kristine Kahanek's Magic Umbrella

A Friend of Unfair Park e-mails with some literary doings courtesy a familiar face: KTVT-Channel 11 chief meteorologist Kristine Kahanek has a kiddies' book forthcoming titled Katie and the Magic Umbrella: A Stormy Adventure. The book's due in stores on Monday, and from the publisher's description, the 44-pager aimed at the wee ones sounds just a tad autobiographical:

A guardian angel who wears a special winged watch that glows when the children she protects need her, Katie is also the owner of a magic umbrella. Summoned by the fear of Alex and Grace, Katie arrives to see them tucked in their beds scared of the big thunderstorm brewing outside their window. Embracing the children's sense of adventure while helping them overcome their fears, Katie uses her magic umbrella to take them on an educational and magical journey into the storm. Along with Alex and Grace, Katie's young readers learn about clouds, rain, lightning and thunder as well as hail and even tornadoes! She also shows the children what to do in a thunderstorm and where to go to stay safe.

No doubt, our Friend probably saw a mention of the tome on Uncle Barky. Last night, Ed mentioned the book in an item about the shifting of the forecasters' schedules over at Channel 11, where, alas, it's always sunny. --Robert Wilonsky

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