Missing the point
It is a shame that Gary Davis did not read Ann Zimmerman's article more closely ["Late Bloomer", January 30]. If he had, he would not have accused me of losing over 100 pounds after I realized I was lesbian and after I had filed for divorce. The article made it clear that I had already lost 50 pounds before I realized I was lesbian and that I had lost the 100 pounds before I filed for divorce in October.

Davis also assumed that my lack of romantic feelings for my husband was tied to my weight. The article mentioned that I had never had those feelings even in early marriage, and at that time I weighed 125 pounds. I thank Zimmerman for not sensationalizing the weight loss; it's too bad that Davis chose to do so.

How sad that he added that I had "gone out to search for her 'true identity' after kicking her longtime loving husband in the nuts" and that I tossed him aside "like a used condom." I will not even touch those two descriptions. However, I hope your readers understand the amount of soul searching I went through and how I hated to hurt my husband; but I did the right thing for both of us. I chose to share this personal part of my life in order to help others out there in similar situations.

Pat Stone

Taking issue
Jimmy Fowler's Calendar in the January 23 edition of the Dallas Observer contained some inaccuracies which I must point out. The recent Lesbian Town Hall Meeting was organized and sponsored by the Gay and Lesbian Community Center, not by the Dallas Gay and Lesbian Alliance (DGLA). The purpose of the meeting, as I understand it, was to give women an opportunity to address the needs of the lesbian community in Dallas and ways in which those needs are not being met.

The article erroneously stated that the meeting was organized because disgruntled females who worked at DGLA felt "underrepresented or even ignored." DGLA is a volunteer organization with only one paid employee. For 20 years, DGLA has been the leading civil rights/advocacy group for both lesbians and gay men in Dallas. Our work certainly has benefited both gay men and lesbians; that continues to be true. The two presidents of DGLA who preceded me were both women, and women have always served on the board of DGLA. We currently sponsor two lesbian support groups.

I commend the Gay and Lesbian Community Center for sponsoring the meeting to address issues that certainly need to be addressed. However, it was incorrect for Fowler to state that the meeting was being called because of displeasure with DGLA. I do appreciate the fact that Fowler gives fair coverage to happenings in Dallas' gay and lesbian community.

Steve Atkinson
President DGLA

Editor's note: Mr. Atkinson draws a legitimate distinction. While the Dallas Gay and Lesbian Alliance is headquartered at the Dallas Gay and Lesbian Community Center, its staff is separate from the Center's.

Good ol' Foots
As a regular at the J. Erik Jonsson Central Library, I can attest to being stopped in my tracks by an impromptu piano performance by Gregory Morris. But as a library supporter, I can only say that, while the public relations is appreciated, I just wish that when describing library-users your writer had looked for more than homeless stereotypes. Having done so, she would have seen moms and kids, business people, genealogists, writers, researchers, school children, literacy volunteers, and just plain folks who regularly utilize the library's collection and services.

We are working hard to dispel the unfortunate view perpetrated by those who seldom venture through the doors of the central library that street people are the mainstream of its patrons. I can assure you that the 65,000 visitors each month constitute a very different profile.

The J. Erik Jonsson Central Library affords a safe, comfortable, no-hassle environment for all Dallas citizens. It's one of our city's finest resources and is accessible to any and all who choose to avail themselves of its treasures.

Jane Shouse
Municipal Library Board

I just have to say that that was one hell of a story that was written about Gregory Morris ["Poor ol' Foots," February 6]. God bless him--he deserves it! It makes me wonder why there isn't more help for the homeless.

Dennis Huffman
Fort Worth

In the February 20 cover story, 'Losing by decision,' the Dallas Observer incorrectly identified the head of the Texas Interscholastic Wrestling Association as Jerry Giunta. The association is led by Jim Giunta.

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