Pee-pee? No, GOP
I was somewhat appalled at your suggestion that Dallas Morning News editorial-page editor Rena Pederson should take a "G.O.P. urine test" simply because you were not in agreement with the News' editorial assessment of President Bill Clinton's State of the Union address [BeloWatch, "Marching in Lockstep," February 8]. The last time I looked, editorial pages in most significant newspapers across the country express a wide variety of opinions, ranging from the conservative views of a William F. Buckley to those of a more liberal William Raspberry. Perhaps your paper might someday adopt this same philosophy of differing views. Oh, by the way, when was the last time any of your editors submitted their pee-pee for a test for the dreaded liberal disease?

Sandy McDonough

What's wrong with the Right?
I read with amazement Troy Felder's letter [Letters, "The Wrath of God," February 8] in which he chastised the Observer for printing the story of fired Fort Worth Star-Telegram journalist Todd Camp. The audacity of the Christian Right to demand that the populace cower to their self-righteousness continues to dismay me.

Fascist right-wingers such as Felder are a danger to all groups that do not believe exactly as he does. The First Amendment does not dictate that all people must interpret the Bible in a certain fashion. People must wake up and realize the danger the Christian Right represents and vote for candidates who best represent a balanced viewpoint.

Robert Martin

Power corrupts
Re: "The black knight of Camelot Corp." [January 18]. What is the difference 'twixt the communist powerful who look out for the communist powerful and the business powerful who look out for the business powerful? It's the same world over, no matter which religious, political, or economic glasses you choose to look through.

K.W. Kaszak

Fighting fair
I wanted to take time to let you know how much I enjoyed the article on the Ultimate Fighting Championship ["Just don't bite," January 25]. Kaylois Henry really took the time to research the subject and gave an objective account of the sport. Much of the media coverage has been negative and biased--mainly from not taking time to really find out about the whole event. I do not expect everyone to understand or even like freestyle fighting sports, but at least people should give it an educated and fair assessment.

Once again, my thanks to the Observer and Ms. Henry.
Guy Mezger

No justice, no peace
I appreciated Laura Miller's "Look back in anger" article in the December 29, 1995, Observer, as I do all of Ms. Miller's reports. I particularly agreed with her outrage at the antics of His Honor Thomas Jones, having myself, along with my wife, been a victim of that "judge"'s injustice. It's so typical of the political process that only someone as unqualified as this sorry excuse for a public servant would find protection through the offices of a friendly state legislator and a pliant Judicial Conduct Commission.

It surprised me to learn that J.P. Jones was not a lawyer, and indeed, did not even have to be. How can one serve as a judge, rendering decisions based on the laws of this state, without having had any kind of formal legal education?

I don't suppose we can look to Senator Royce West to introduce legislation to mandate that justices of the peace be lawyers, but perhaps some other senator or representative with a more highly developed sense of right and wrong will use the example of Judge Jones to do so in the next legislative session.

Douglas Buchanan

Making mincemeat
You are a bootlicking, buttocks-smooching suck-up. (You asked for it!) As someone who enjoys theater, I am so bored with your tired reviews about the "wonderfulness" of the Dallas Theater Center ["Boo, hiss," January 11]. What is Dick Hamburger slipping you, anyway? I find it hard to believe that you would waste what little space the Observer allots for live theater to sing his praises. Why have you made it your personal crusade to polish his tarnished image? He is disliked by the local theater community for many, many good reasons.

But that's not the point. The point is that you should know enough about the art of live theater to write perceptive, compelling reviews about the local theater scene as a whole--not personal endorsements for the largest and most financially endowed theater in the city. Any dweeb can do that. Everybody knows the DTC generally does good work. They should. But as a gainfully employed critic, you should be able to evaluate low-budget and high-dollar shows with equal insight and professionalism. You're in Texas now, Mr. Miller. Wake up and smell the bullshit--it's the main ingredient in Hamburger.


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