Scandal academy
I'm sincerely hoping the Dallas Observer becomes accustomed to covering positive topics, like we saw in the article by Julie Lyons ["Virgin Academy," July 20-26]. Though it was evident that Ms. Lyons was mocking the idea of teenage girls attempting to maintain some honorable values in this screwed-up society, and one man's perseverance in directing them in this pursuit (I mean, check out the title), it's encouraging that she refrained (or was refrained) from overtly belittling it. Frankly, your readers don't care that Ms. Lyons obviously had a personal dislike for Bill Gothard, Bible teacher and director of the EXCEL and ALERT Christian programs. It's too bad that his wardrobe and modest lifestyle didn't meet her specs. I think that what Mr. Gothard is teaching is admirable, and was glad to see more about it in the Observer. How can't anyone argue that more charity and purity of character can only help today's world?

Now, believe me, I'm no immaculate thing myself. But I feel that, in attempts at poignant, cutting-edge journalism, the Observer's articles too frequently focus on scandal, violence, or someone's misfortune, with particular attention given to whatever's gory, offensive, or just sick. Come on Observer--you're just perpetuating the degeneration. Try observing and presenting more of the good stuff out there. Even if it might be a challenge to find sometimes. Do yourselves, and all of us, a favor!

Kate Bravomalo
Fort Worth

Thanks for this honest look at a unique place ["Virgin Academy," July 20]. You guys get a bad rap in some circles (my conservative friends), but I and many of my friends did enjoy the article. Generally, I don't often agree with what you say, but you probably don't agree with my way of thinking either! There are many real Christians out there doing what God would have them do. We're tired of hearing about all the All-Star retardos (Koresh, Tilton, Baker, just to name a few!). Keep the presses rolling.

D. Silva

Must have been a Buckeye
Re the robbery report in the [Aug. 3] Buzz column--that snide comment made after the physical description of a brain-dead thief--"Ouch. Why not just call him a pasty-faced Cornhusker!"

Pasty-faced? I realize Texas prides itself on its natives, but I fail to see the link between pasty-faced thieves and Nebraska. Honestly, have you seen our football team? And what about that Midwest work ethic?

In the future, please refrain from implying Cornhuskers are spineless, unscrupulous couch potatoes (Don't they live in the Northeast anyhow?).

C. E. Bednar
Fort Worth

On the record
Robert Wilonsky's "Off the Record" article [July 27] was very insightful to the vintage vinyl dilemma. Dallas is slowly losing all original and unique independent music stores. Most people are simply unaware of the great merchandise our independent stores have to offer. All local music relies on our independent stores. Maybe publications like the Observer could help by reviewing "Great Finds" or "Interesting Independent Businesses" of all kinds. Your help is needed now, not after it's too late. I co-own two independent record stores, Mohawk Music, with one located in Dallas. Our lease will be up for renewal next year and we too will consider, "Is it worth it?" Don't waste your valuable space on our obituary. The word is that there still is an alternative to Top 40.

George Morton

Correction: On last week's "Calendar" page, a childhood photo of comic Pat Hazell posing in a jail cell was incorrectly identified as that of House Majority Leader Dick Armey. As far as we know, Armey has no juvenile criminal record.

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