Ministry of hate
Regarding your story on Dallas' Nation of Islam leader Jeffery Muhammad ["Black man's burden," August 10]: as with all hate-based groups, there will be some who may want to overlook the damage these groups do in favor of the positive aspects of the group. They may say: "I don't understand the Nation of Islam's politics, but it gives children confidence and a positive self-image."

I'm sure Nazism had the same positive effect on children in the '30s and '40s, and today there are some sick adults who are trying to infect their children with the same convoluted pride. Hate groups are always comprised of ignorant, insecure losers who want someone to blame for all their problems. It's easier to demonize an entire race than it is to realize and accept the fact that there are evil people and good people of every race, shape, and religion.

By not condemning a hate group, by turning a blind eye to it, you are condoning it. I'm a white man who has been solicited to buy the latest issue of The Final Call at intersections around Red Bird Mall. And what I don't understand is this: Are they trying to convert this evil, blue-eyed devil? Or is it just that the devil's money spends as good as any?

How would they feel if the Klan tried to sell them a paper?
Hate breeds hate.
Name withheld by request

Let them eat donuts
Hellooo...I'm Thelma, and this is my partner Louise, and we're disgusted by your latest "Hot Dish"! Really, we are JB and KJ of Donut Lady & KJ's Koffee--subject of (or should I say target of) the July 27 "Hot Dish."

As advertisers in your publication, we are appalled and pretty pissed off. Everything about that photo contradicts us, who we are, and what we stand for.

Two photographers show up, say they are creating a "hat" made of doughnuts. They leave with dozens of day-old doughnuts. Excuse me, Mary Malouf, is that what you based your taste test on? Did you eat the "hat" and leave the [cinnamon] rolls for the photo? If so, perhaps you should have come down yourself--you might have gotten a clue--and a real taste of our product.

Thanks to the powers that be, our patrons know us better than that. And thanks to our patrons, who have embraced our concept, we will continue to fight the very prejudices and sexism that your "Hot Dish" supports. We have better than terrific doughnuts and coffee, and those who matter already know this.

Just a note to parents: don't be alarmed. It's OK for your 16-year-olds to come play checkers and hang out...we are not a topless doughnut shop!

KJ Taylor
Donut Lady & KJ's Koffee

Mary Brown Malouf responds: I have nothing to do with the Observer's art department or photography; I just eat and write. All of my restaurant visits are conducted anonymously and independently. I ate doughnuts and cinnamon twists at KJ's on two separate occasions, a morning and an evening, a week apart. My 16-year-old, incidentally, eats doughnuts at your place all the time.

Soggy mess
After reading all about Waterworld ["The wet look," August 3], Kevin Costner's new movie that cost more than $175 million, I finally decided to go see it. I found it to be a very thought-provoking film that makes you ask yourself some difficult questions.

For instance, how much more do you think the new Denver airport would have cost had Kevin been in charge?

And apparently I missed the explanation for his character's gills and webbed feet. Did it have something to do with the ozone layer, or was he just a direct descendant of the Clintons?

Not surprisingly, the ending left the door open for a sequel. Assuming Costner could locate more backers incapable of distinguishing creativity from complex stupidity, would a good title be A Fish Named Kevin? Or how about Dances with Tuna?

Hugh Savage, Jr.
Fort Worth

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