Selena la Reina
Let's see..."Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, John Lennon...Elvis Presley..." And Selena? ["Myth, martyr, musician," April 20.]

Please, Mr. Wilonsky, see a doctor.

I'll cry if I want to
I found the review of Letterman hosting the Academy Awards ["Stupid Dave Tricks," April 6] both insensitive and one-sided. Mr. Seitz first makes fun of Tom Hanks crying when he received one of the most honorable awards given at the Oscars. This was probably one of the greatest moments of his life, and he had every right to cry.

Regarding Letterman, Mr. Seitz says that he is a "woefully limited performer" and only played to the TV audience. If Letterman was such a lousy host, why did the Oscars have the largest audience ever? Mr. Seitz needs to face the facts and realize that whether he likes it or not, Letterman did do an excellent job.

Anne Knox

It takes two
In answer to Mr. Tom Hutter on his letter to the Observer: I do believe it still takes two to "make" a baby ["Her fault," April 6].

You say, "...a woman makes a series of decisions (to have unprotected sex outside of marriage)..." Please! I'm sure every woman just lies right down and tells the sperm donor, "I really want to have an illegitimate child, so please don't wear a condom! I will take full responsibility."

It takes a woman nine months to have one child--nine months. But an unmarried, sexually active male--the type who never practices "safe sex"--can impregnate up to four women in one week. That's 16 women per month.

Wouldn't you tend to agree, Mr. Hutter, that an unmarried male who has been on welfare for more than two years and has fathered more than two children should have a vasectomy--thus eliminating the need for so many abortion clinics and child welfare payments?

It's men such as you, Mr. Hutter, who stand in the front line of abortion clinics, screaming about murdering babies, when in all honesty, you and all other males are just as responsible for them being there.

Evelyn O'Grady

Where credit is due
The music at Trees in Deep Ellum sounds so good because of James McWilliams, wizard soundman. You should have mentioned him when awarding Trees for best live music venue [1995 Observer Music Awards issue, April 13]. It takes enormous talent to make so many different bands sound so good!

George Teel
Fort Worth

Nekkid ladies
What caused all this stir about dirty pictures?
Belowatch was all up in the air about the Richardson Library throwin' out a picture of a nekkid woman ["All about Eve," April 13], and Molly was upset about Congress tryin' to keep people from sendin' 'em through their computers ["Cyberdummies," April 13].

There was a lot of talk about them people bein' closed-minded. The way I see it, everybody is closed-minded about somethin'. Some don't think little kids should hear bad words. Some don't think that they should see dirty pictures. Some think that grown-ups shouldn't see dirty pictures. Some think that some pictures is dirtier than others.

Now, it seems to me that with kids usin' computers all the time, we are gonna have to choose between keepin' kids off computers and keepin' dirty pictures off computers. That don't seem like a very hard decision to me.

Mac Smith

We knew the score
The article concerning abortion really got my juices going ["One size doesn't fit all," March 30]. As a woman over 50, I remember far too well the years when young women would do anything to abort an unwanted baby. Although horror stories of botched abortions were mostly whispered about, most of us knew the score. Get pregnant and either find a reputable doc that did abortions and be prepared to drop a lot of cash, or...find a sleazo that did them in vacant apartments.

Surely we do not want to go back to that way of life!
Nancy Winstead

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