How to make room in Reunion
Okay, so the Dallas City Council won't let us vote on whether or not we want a new arena because we "don't understand the economics of all this" ["Let them cast ballots," February 9].

Well, here's a little bit of economic theory that I think all the people of Dallas can understand. It's so simple, I think even Norm Green and Donald Carter can figure it out.

I'm talking about a fan boycott. If Don and Norm are going to try and grab hold of our wallets, why don't we put a squeeze on theirs? Heck, the way the Stars and the Mavs are playing, it's not even that much of a sacrifice.

And it's easy, too. All we have to do is not show up. Those of us who are really determined not to have our pockets picked could go so far as to write the teams' sponsors, informing them of our decision not to follow either team, in the stadium or on the tube.

Let's take 1.1 million people out of the Mavs and Stars fan base for a while. After a few weeks of playing in a half-empty arena, Reunion might not seem so cramped any more.

Max Wright

I ASKA myself why
Once again I find myself asking, "What does Robert Wilonsky have against heavy metal music?" Since the time of his employment with the Dallas Observer he's proceeded to slam every metal act that he's managed to get his grimy hands on: KISS, Metallica, Megadeth, Pantera. The list is endless, and there's no slowin' the jerk down.

He especially irked me with his blatantly ignorant commentary regarding my favorite local metal band, ASKA [Street Beat, February 2]. Not only did "Bob" rag on ASKA's black leather stage attire and hair (Jealous Bob!), but he went on to quote a bunch of song lyrics from ASKA's latest CD, Immortal, completely out of the context in which they were written.

Me? I love ASKA, I love heavy metal, and I hope the Dallas Observer can get a music critic who is not so obviously anti-hard rock/metal.

Allen Perry

First of all, ASKA does not suck! They are the greatest local band ever. Every time they put on a live show, they pack the place. Darren, George, Kevin, and Damon are the coolest and nicest guys ever. As for their music, it is GREAT! Especially their song "You Suck!"

Heavy metal music is really good. The musicians are able to express through their music. As for Mr. Robert Wilonsky, I think that you should keep your lame opinions to yourself. Also, the ASKA guys are not mangy-maned, leather-garbed cliches. They are a bunch of great looking guys in tight leather!!!

Karen Fairl
Fort Worth

Know your enemy
Judging from recent rebuttals, a fair number of readers have misconstrued my letter to the Dallas Observer which appeared in the January 5 issue. My letter was not intended to be a personalized jab at any one segment of the Observer's reading audience. However, I insist that I was rightfully taking a stand against the frequently immoral content of this publication.

A couple of responses to my letter have compared the Observer to the Dallas Morning News, and have suggested that I stick to reading the latter. I'm afraid I can't do that since in order to win the battle you must know your enemy, and mine as a Christian is liberalism. As for comparisons of the two publications, it is perfectly obvious which one extols the views and values of mainstream Dallasites.

A conservative, rational point of view is to be found in the DMN on most topics of social importance, and nowhere is there to be found in the DMN a "men seeking men" or "women seeking women" section which flies in the face of scripture and the lesson of Sodom and Gomorrah.

If expressing my Christian beliefs offends liberals and Democrats, then so be it. I will turn the other cheek and take heart in the words of Christ when he said "Father, forgive them. They know not what they do."

Thad Beaumont

Because of a copy editor's error, the caption on a photo accompanying last week's cover story, "Pickup games," contained incorrect information. It should have stated that Marshall attorney Sam Baxter stands to split a $9.5 million fee in the Texas GM settlement.

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