NFL Quarterback Rankings: Week 14

   Homer this.

Despite missing three games with a broken pinkie, Dallas Cowboys' quarterback Tony Romo leads all NFL quarterbacks in:

*QB Rating (103.2)

*Average yards per pass attempt (8.5)

*TD-Interception ratio (+13)

If you watched his 331-yard, three-touchdown performance on Thanksgiving, there's no doubt Romo is back to being Romo. Which is great news for the Cowboys, and bad news for the quarterbacks he's leap-frogging in my rankings.

Oh yeah, he's also 7-2 as a starter, behind only Eli Manning and Jeff Garcia in the NFC. Any doubt he again belongs in the Pro Bowl?

While we're at it, who would you trade Romo straight up for today?

If he throws for another 300 in Pittsburgh on Sunday we should hand him our rankings trophy. The Steelers have the NFL's No. 1 pass defense and haven't allowed a 300-yard passer at Heinz Field since 2006.

Fine, I'll take that bet.

32. Daunte Culpepper - Lions

31. Ken Dorsey - Browns

30. Marc Bulger - Rams

29. Ryan Fitzpatrick -  Bengals

28. JaMarcus Russell - Raiders

27. Matt Hassellbeck - Seahawks

26. Tyler Thigpen - Chiefs

25. Sage Rosenfels - Texans

24. Shaun Hill - 49ers

23. Kyle Orton - Bears

22. J.P. Losman - Bills

21. David Garrard - Jaguars

20. Matt Cassel - Patriots

19. Donovan McNabb - Eagles

18. Joe Flacco - Ravens

17. Gus Frerotte - Vikings

16. Kerry Collins - Titans

15. Jason Campbell - Redskins

14. Jay Cutler - Broncos

13. Jake Delhomme - Panthers

12. Chad Pennington - Dolphins

11. Jeff Garcia - Buccaneers

10. Aaron Rodgers - Packers

9. Matt Ryan - Falcons

8. Philip Rivers - Chargers

7. Peyton Manning - Colts

6. Brett Favre - Jets

5. Ben Roethlisberger - Steelers

4. Kurt Warner - Cardinals

3. Eli Manning - Giants

2. Drew Brees - Saints

Tony Romo - Cowboys -- Richie Whitt

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