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NFL Quarterback Rankings: Week 5

His arrow is suddenly pointing down.

Don’t look now, but just guess who has the best passer rating in the NFL? Not Brady nor Manning nor Romo nor …

Would you believe this guy? Believe it. Six touchdowns will do that for you.

As for the rest of the NFL’s quarterbacks, Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers is banged up (potentially replaced by LSU rookie Matt Flynn or perhaps Milwaukee pitching ace CC Sabathia?). The Chiefs are back to Damon Huard. Expect new Rams’ coach Jim Haslett to re-name Marc Bulger the starter over Trent Green. And the Bengals, who waltz into Texas Stadium this Sunday at 0-4, say Carson Palmer will be ready after missing a week and giving way to a Harvard grad named Ryan Fitzpatrick.

The Cowboys’ Tony Romo? Not good. Another ill-timed interception. Terrell Owens all up in his business. Worse, gone were the “quiet feet” he boasted about after Week 1. Last Sunday against the Redskins he was skittish in the pocket, whether forcing the ball to Terrell Owens or not.

Jump for the list I’m sure you’ll have absolutely no qualms with:

1. Philip Rivers -- Chargers

2. Drew Brees – Saints

3. Eli Manning – Giants

4. Jay Cutler – Broncos

5. Tony Romo – Cowboys

6. Brett Favre – Jets

7. Donovan McNabb -- Eagles

8. Trent Edwards – Bills

9. Jason Campbell – Redskins

10. Peyton Manning – Colts

11. Jake Delhomme – Panthers

12. Ben Roethlisberger – Steelers

13. Kurt Warner – Cardinals

14. Aaron Rodgers – Packers

15. Kerry Collins – Titans

16. Ronnie Brown – Dolphins

17. Brian Griese – Buccaneers

18. JT O’Sullivan – 49ers

19. Kyle Orton – Bears

20. Matt Cassel – Patriots

21. Matt Hasselbeck – Seahawks

22. JaMarcus Russell – Raiders

23. David Garrard – Jaguars

24. Jon Kitna – Lions

25. Gus Frerotte -- Vikings

26. Matt Schaub – Texans

27. Carson Palmer – Bengals

28. Matt Ryan – Falcons

29. Derek Anderson – Browns

30. Marc Bulger – Rams

31. Damon Huard – Chiefs

32. Joe Flacco – Ravens -- Richie Whitt

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