Oh dear.

NFL Quarterback Rankings: Week 7

Back on July 30 I was wrong. And never more right.

It was during Cowboys’ training camp out in Oxnard that I took one look at Brad Johnson’s off-speed flutterballs and cringed at the thought of Tony Romo ever getting injured. But I surmised with the way Romo extends plays with his athleticism and contorts his body into quirky throws from awkward angles, it’s bound to happen. It did.

The part I was wrong about? The Cowboys didn’t think enough of Chris Simms. They’re actually putting their trust in the 40-year-old Johnson. For at least three games.

As a scout told me on the Oxnard field, the Cowboys will be cheating themselves if they put all this talent into Johnson’s hands.

Goodbye talented kamikaze pilot. Hello elderly bus driver.

There’s a reason they call him “Checkdown” Johnson. Partly because his veteran savvy allows him to progress through his reads quickly and not take downfield gambles, but mostly because he doesn’t have the arm strength to fit tight spirals into tight places on anything more than 10-yard dumpoffs to running backs and tight ends. In other words, the Cowboys’ vertical passing game will vanish.

Light the fuse, Terrell Owens is going to explode.

You’ll hear Wade Phillips and Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett praise Johnson for his experience and managing of the game. He’s 71-51 as a starter in the NFL and owns a Super Bowl ring. Yadda, yadda and more yadda. He sucks.

But barring something drastic – something smart – before this afternoon’s trade deadline, Johnson will be asked to keep Dallas’ offensive ship from sinking.

No chance.

Sorry, but transparent, preposterously illogical columns claiming Romo’s injury is a good thing go right to the bottom of my trash can.

And Johnson goes directly to the bottom of this week’s rankings.

1. Philip Rivers – Chargers

2. Brett Favre – Jets

3. Drew Brees – Saints

4. Ben Roethlisberger – Steelers

5. Kurt Warner – Cardinals

6. Peyton Manning – Colts

7. Eli Manning – Giants

8. Jay Cutler – Broncos

9. Jason Campbell – Redskins

10. Aaron Rodgers – Packers

11. Matt Ryan – Falcons

12. Donovan McNabb -- Eagles

13. Kerry Collins – Titans

14. Kyle Orton – Bears

15. Jake Delhomme – Panthers

16. Ronnie Brown – Dolphins

17. Jeff Garcia – Buccaneers

18. JT O’Sullivan – 49ers

19. Derek Anderson – Browns

20. Trent Edwards – Bills

21. Gus Frerotte -- Vikings

22. David Garrard – Jaguars

23. Matt Hasselbeck – Seahawks

24. Carson Palmer – Bengals

25. Marc Bulger – Rams

26. Matt Cassel – Patriots

27. Matt Schaub – Texans

28. Joe Flacco – Ravens

29. Dan Orlovsky – Lions

30. Brodie Croyle – Chiefs

31. JaMarcus Russell – Raiders

32. Brad Johnson – Cowboys -- Richie Whitt

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.