Obama's Campaign Confirms It: The News Was Booted Off the Plane

On Politico.com this morning, Obama spokesman Bill Burton confirms Matt Drudge's post concerning the campaign's giving The Dallas Morning News -- along with the New York Post and The Washington Times -- the heave-ho from the campaign plane. Says Burton: "We're trying to reach as many swing voters that we can and unfortunately had to make some tough choices, but we are accommodating these folks in every way possible."

The Times ain't too happy about getting the boot: "This feels like the journalistic equivalent of redistributing the wealth," says executive editor John Solomon. The News is a little more understanding: "We think the Obama campaign's decision is to some degree more a function of limited seats, and while we're a large regional newspaper, we're not national and we're not in a swing state." --Robert Wilonsky

Update: More from ABC News, concerning the theory that Obama's people kicked off The News and the two other papers due to their respective McCain endorsements: "Fox News and the Wall Street Journal still have folks on the plane, it has been pointed out. One of the reasons there are fewer seats on 'O Force One,' of course, is because months ago they ripped out coach seats for the staffers up front replacing them with First Class barcalounger-esque accommodations."

The Post, of course, is delighted with the campaign's doings. Says editor-in-chief Col Allan, "We are happy to be on the outside looking in. It's what makes The New York Post special. We are not in the news business to be liked." The paper will report the rest of Campaign '08 from the mountains of Preston Hollow.

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