Ross Perot Tops Off Perot Museum of Nature and Science With Beam Signed By Ross Perot

With two years of construction and exhibit-building left before it opens its doors in Victory Park, the Perot Museum of Nature and Science got topped off this afternoon, with a ceremonial beam signed by Margot and H. Ross Perot and their sons and daughters who donated $50 million to the museum.

The $185 project's still about $30 million short, so after the Perots and Mayor Dwaine Caraway signed the beam at the construction site this afternoon, they retired to a party high atop the nearby Park Seventeen building with friends and donors who were encouraged to give a little more for the cause.

Architect Thom Mayne told the room how well the project's gone so far, and longtime board member David Corrigan reflected on the long and winding road the museum's taken to get this far.

Before making the call down to the construction site -- to "Move that beam!" -- Perot reflected on the sad state of American engineering compared to the rest of the world, hoping this museum might help inspire generations of young Americans to reclaim the lead.

"I hope this will be a big force to move Texas to the top quickly," Perot said. "You know who's at the top? China."

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