Running With the Devil

On newsstands this morning in the Dallas Observer:

Glenna Whitley reports on Doyle Davidson's bizarre world of demons and doom in her cover story on the Dena Schlosser case.

Davidson, you might remember, was pastor of the Plano church Schlosser attended before she cut off the arms of her 11-month-old daughter in 2004. Schlosser couldn't get enough of Davidson, who preaches that Plano is ruled by the nasty, conniving spirit of Jezebel. Schlosser, in fact, was convinced that the evil spirits Davidson talked about had invaded her home.

Whitley interviewed Davidson, who's downright sanguine about the prospect of appearing in the Dallas Observer. "Now you make a little note, will you?" he told us. "God has got every one of you in his hands, and when this is over...you can expect to see God do some major movements."

He's not sure exactly what those "movements" will be. But this much he does know: "They will know that there's a prophet and an apostle amongst them."

A prophet and apostle, incidentally, who got a new "wife" from God in 1987, even though she was married—and Davidson was, too.

"This is obviously God that wanted this," Davidson went on to say about our story. "God has raised me up, and he has done things with me that amaze me."

You know, we're kind of amazed too. And we think you'll be, too, when you read "The Devil and Doyle Davidson." Don't miss it. --Julie Lyons

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