Ryan, Margolin Accuse Each Other of Misleading Voters in District 13 Council Race

Brint Ryan in a press release urged fellow city council candidate Ann Margolin to stop misleading voters by campaigning on a senior tax issue that has already been proposed by City Manager Mary Suhm and the Dallas City Council. Ryan cited campaign materials sent out by Margolin, which tout her support of raising property tax exemptions for seniors to $100,000.

"Our homeowners are looking for leaders who can provide real solutions on tax relief, so to present this as her own idea is terribly misleading," he said. "It's just wrong, and she needs to come clean and apologize to our voters."

Margolin says she has never implied that raising the senior tax exemption was her idea. "Where's the proof? I call on Mr. Ryan to show where I claim that this was my idea. I want him to provide proof."

Ryan claimed the proof is in a recent e-mail sent out by Margolin, which is provided in full after the jump.

I support raising the city of Dallas senior property tax exemption to $100,000. Those with homes worth $125,000 or less would pay no city property tax on their homestead once this is implemented. Those with homes worth $300,000 would see their taxes fall by about 20 percent.

"Once again, Brint Ryan is engaging in reckless and irresponsible behavior by misrepresenting my record and making false claims," Margolin says. "This baseless charge was totally fabricated by Brint Ryan's handlers. It makes me wonder if he even knows what is going on in his own campaign."

Margolin adds that at a debate with Ryan sitting beside her she held up and read from a Dallas Morning News article where it shows how Suhm and council placed raising the exemption in the proposed budget. The March 2 debate was held at the Edgemere retirement community and was moderated by Dave Levinthal of The News.

"I remember Ann saying she supported the council and city manager in raising the senior tax exemption," says Mitch Jericho, who arranged the candidate forum.

Ryan also labeled Margolin as a "City Hall insider" and attacked her business experience. "As our economy weakens, now more than ever, we need leaders with real-life business experience to protect our families and make sure the burden of supporting City Hall does not weigh any heavier on our homeowners," he said.

Margolin maintains that she started a successful business with 100 employees, $60 million in revenue and operations in 23 states, and she notes her involvement in real estate and start-up businesses for more than 25 years.

"I call on Mr. Ryan to stop denigrating my business experience and misleading the public," she says. Margolin e-mail

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