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So, You Wanna Be a Cowboy?

If your dream is to join an organization that:

*Hasn't been anywhere near the top of its industry in 13 years.

*Has a CEO who runs off management by forcing them to punch a time clock.

*Enjoys all the image of Cell Block C.

*And regularly gets embarrassed on national television.

Saturday's the day you've been waiting for!

Michael Irvin's new reality show - set for Spike TV this spring - will hold an open casting call tomorrow at 10 a.m. at Velocity Sports in Dallas (7830 N. Central Expressway.)

The details:

Wide receiver/defensive back-types (must be 21 or three years removed from high school) should bring a non-returnable photo, football highlight reel and coaching references.

This is not a tryout, as no physical testing will be done.

This is, however, the only tryout Irvin will attend, and producers say they'll only be able to interview the first 500 candidates.

So, I'd line up right now if I were you.

And, again, the "winner" gets a spot on the training camp roster of the Dallas Cowboys. Dream on ...

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