Hurricane Harvey was big news in 2017. Good for you, readers, for caring about your fellow Texans. And your empty gas tanks.EXPAND
Hurricane Harvey was big news in 2017. Good for you, readers, for caring about your fellow Texans. And your empty gas tanks.
Joe Pappalardo

Weed, Reality TV and Hurricanes: What Caught Dallas Observer Readers' Attention in 2017

We have data to share with you, about you. We examined our most-read stories of 2017 and saw some trends. Y'all like to read about reality TV, especially how fake it seems to be, as well as the law — we're assuming how to obey it, but who are we to judge? Here is what caught the attention of the readers of the Dallas Observer this year.

Reality TV
I Went to Waco and Stayed in a Fixer Upper House, and I Don't Get the Appeal
With everyone heading to Waco in the thousands, we thought we would check it out. We didn't love it. This generated a lot of response, especially from fans. 

Bachelorette Brings Suitors to Her Parents' Dallas 'Home,' Where They Don't Live
The filming location for Dallas lawyer Rachel Lindsay's Bachelorette hometown dates wasn't her home. We can't believe it either.

The Year's Biggest Unsolved Murder
Internet Sleuths Muddy Waters and Wreck Lives in Missy Bevers’ Murder Investigation
In a world where everything is done online, Facebook users began trying to solve the murder case of DFW resident Missy Bevers. This is a classic murder mystery yarn with a 21st century, Information Age spin. 

Keepin' an Eye on the Law
Five Key Takeaways From Texas' New Laws on Carrying Knives
Gov. Greg Abbott signed House Bill 1935 into law in June, which changed the term “illegal knife” to “location-restricted knife," allowing Texans to carry location-restricted knives almost anywhere in Texas.

The State of Marijuana in Texas After the 2017 Legislative Session
Not much was accomplished in the 2017 legislative session. Marijuana is still illegal to produce, possess, use or sell in Texas.

Fun Venues
Grand Prairie Is Opening an 80,000-Square-Foot, Year-Round Water Park With a Retractable Roof
Who says we're all gloom and doom? People were really excited about the idea of swimming indoors in Texas. 

Booze With a View: The 12 Best Rooftop Patios in Dallas-Fort Worth
Our readers seemed equally excited about sitting outside and drinking. Swimming inside. Drinking outside. Some trends are solid, year after year.

Hurricane Harvey
Yes, North Texas, You Should Pay Attention to Hurricane Harvey
We tried to warn readers what was coming. Details included where Houston residents could take shelter in DFW.

Gas Crisis Panic Grips Dallas: What Suppliers Say to Expect Next
When readers panicked about the long lines at the gas station, we offered some insight into when it would let up. The antidote for fear and panic is news and information, and we delivered.

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