Southwest Hearts New York

A Friend of Unfair Park is rather unhappy with Dallas-based Southwest Airlines over the news today that the carrier's spending a mere $7.5 million to assume ATA Airlines' rights to operate at New York's LaGuardia Airport. The deal's still a long ways off: "Details on the commencement of service or the cities that would be served by Southwest from LaGuardia have not yet been determined." Still, says our Friend: "So, wait -- Southwest won't fly out of DFW because of the delays and the inability to turn flight[s] quickly, yet they want to fly out of LGA?? ... Southwest Airlines is full of shit." Hey, it's New York! If they can make it there ... --Robert Wilonsky

Update: After the jump, a Southwest-produced interview with Bob Montgomery, the airline's vice president of properties, concerning today's announcement.


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