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On August 1, 2006, Clark's girlfriend called Hankins to tell him Clark was in a hospital in Bedford. Clark had been doing GHB, and the drug had dehydrated him, causing him to pass out. Hankins and Jameton had borrowed Clark's Ford Explorer, and his girlfriend wondered if they could go pick him up from the hospital.

They did, bringing Clark to McClellan's house, where members of the brotherhood were having a barbecue. Something in Jameton snapped, and he decided it was time to kill Clark. He took Clark out to the back porch and beat him unconscious. A neighbor across the alley witnessed the beating, according to a police report.

Jameton then lugged Clark into the Explorer and laid him across the back seat. He drove to a friend's house nearby, where he grabbed a tarp, chain-link fencing and cinder blocks. He dragged Clark out of the truck, rolled him in the tarp and fencing, and then weighed his body down with the cinder blocks before pulling him into the back of the Explorer. While Jameton told me he acted alone, Mesquite police believe he had help from three associates: Richard Mann (Okie), Hankins and Edmonds (Rabbit), who lived at the house where the body was prepared.

Once he had the body in the Explorer, Jameton drove to the Trinity River bottoms, swam Clark out to the middle of a fishing pond and slit his throat. Five days later, a fisherman found his bloated, decomposing body. It would not be identified for three weeks.

Jameton told me he felt no remorse or guilt about the murder. The way he saw it, he had done the right thing: He warned Clark, and Clark didn't listen. If Clark was a cop or a snitch like Jameton suspected, his actions could be hurting the brotherhood, to which Jameton had allegiance above all else. According to the code he lived by, he had no choice but to kill.

Not all brothers took their oath of loyalty as devoutly as Jameton did. In a written confession given to the Mesquite police on August 25, 2006, ABT associate Devarin Manuel implicated Jameton in the murder of Breanna Taylor.

According to Manuel's confession, Taylor had been "bad-mouthing" the brotherhood and was taken to McClellan's house around August 20, where she was beaten, sexually tortured and strangled. The torture lasted for two and a half hours.

Taylor's friend Brandy Lewis would later describe Taylor as an "All-American girl," who had dreamed of marrying her high school sweetheart. Lewis told WFAA-Channel 8 reporter Rebecca Lopez that when Taylor's boyfriend broke up with her, Taylor fell into depression and stopped showing up for her job at a Mansfield gas station. And then she disappeared.

Jameton told me Taylor had no association with the Aryan Brotherhood and that her killing was a mistake. He would also claim he didn't participate in the murderand that McClellan was in a back room sleeping while it occurred. It was Manuel who tied her up, he said, and started beating her in the kitchen of McClellan's home.

"The whole thing wasn't supposed to be a murder," Jameton said. "Devan had done all this bullshit in my living room. I took him out to the garage and told him, 'If you let that girl go now, we're all going to go to jail. You better take care of it.'"

Jameton said that while it was Manuel who had killed her, Jameton alone disposedof the body.

But Manuel's confession has Jameton intricately involved in the brutal murder—the details of which reveal the level of violence and depravity to which Jameton could sink.

According to the confession, ABT member Chad Williams, aka Youngster, was ordered to take Taylor to McClellan's house. "When Brianna got there, Tiger [Jameton] had Jennifer beat her up," he wrote. "Jennifer was telling Brianna that she was bad-mouthing the organization. Then Tiger started asking what he should do to her. Tiger started torturing her." Jameton stripped Taylor naked and later forced her to perform oral sex on Manuel. "Tiger and Youngster then hooked Brianna up to a battery charger and shocked her," wrote Manuel. "She was screaming and gagging and Youngster kicked her in the mouth and she started to bleed...Then we walked into the garage and Tiger told me that I was going to finish her off. We knew she couldn't be let go." Together, Manuel and Jameton choked her with a zip-tie, said Manuel. "It took 20 or 30 minutes for her to die."

After cleaning up the crime scene, Youngster, upon Jameton's orders, put the body in a plastic tub, which Jameton filled with concrete, said Manuel. They loaded the container into McClellan's truck and drove to Lake Ray Hubbard. Using a boat they got through one of Youngster's connections, they ran the container out to the dam. While Manuel and Youngster steadied the boat, Jameton dumped the body into the lake.

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