Ted Nugent, Greg Abbott's New Campaign Pal, Has a Thing for Underage Girls

Later this morning, gubernatorial hopeful Greg Abbott will stumping at a Tex-Mex joint in Denton. At his side: rocker/conservative troll Ted Nugent.

For a candidate aiming to be taken seriously, Nugent, who has called President Obama a "subhuman mongrel" and "piece of shit" who should "suck on my machine gun," seems an odd choice of campaign surrogate.

Doubly so when you consider that Abbott is very consciously trying to beat back the narrative that the Texas GOP is waging a war on women, and that Nugent has called various female political figures a "brain-dead soulless idiot," "varmints," "fat pigs," "dirty whores" and a "worthless bitch."

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Abbott's camp is taking the line that, Yeah, but guns.

"Ted Nugent is a forceful advocate for individual liberty and constitutional rights - especially the 2nd Amendment rights cherished by Texans," Abbott spokesman Matt Hirsch told The Dallas Morning News.

"While he may sometimes say things or use language that Greg Abbott would not endorse or agree with, we appreciate the support of everyone who supports protecting our Constitution."

Still, one wonders if the Abbott camp would have been so keen to pal around with Nugent had they watched VH1's 1998 "Behind the Music" documentary on the Motor City Madman.

"I was addicted to girls," he says in the documentary, admitting to multiple affairs with underage girls. "It was hopeless. It was beautiful."

But don't worry. Their parents were on board with it.

"I got the stamp of approval of their parents," Nugent said on the video. "I guess they figured better Ted Nugent than some drug-infested punk in high school."

Contrast that with Abbott's boasts about taking the fight to child predators. The left-leaning Lone Star Project did just that in a pretty effective video montage they released yesterday:

Best to lock up your daughters now, Denton.

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