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Texas' Lt. Gov. Designs Jewelry and Starts a Pyrrhic War Over Bathrooms: The Observer's News Week in Review

Texas' Lt. Gov. Designs Jewelry and Starts a Pyrrhic War Over Bathrooms: The Observer's News Week in Review
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We know you're busy, so here's a roundup of the news you may have missed, from the news desk of the Dallas Observer.

Texas Convention Industry Calls Patrick's Bathroom Bill a "Multi-Billion Dollar Disaster"

Business interests across the state, including VisitDallas, worry about the backlash against Senate Bill 6, which requires people to use public facilities consistent with the sex listed on their birth certificate.

Political Consultant Didn't Think She Needed Federal Immunity. Wrong.
New documents regarding the charges against John Wiley Price and his political consultant, Kathy Nealy, indicate that she may not have thought she had broke the law. Maybe she didn’t think so because many very persuasive and impressive people told her she didn't.

Police Department Finishing Body Camera Rollout, Hopes Cops Turn Them On More Often
So far, Dallas police officers have been turning them on about half the time of the national average.

Candy Evans Is Running Against Lee Kleinman for Dallas City Council

The real estate blogger throws her hat into the ring.

Texas Vets Take the Lead in Lobbying for Medical Marijuana
They’re supporting passage of state Sen. Jose Menendez’s SB 269, which seeks to expand the Texas Compassionate Use Act and allow any Texas resident with a doctor’s recommendation access to medical marijuana.

Weekly Schutze

The knee-jerk reaction of school superintendents to even this trial version brings me back to my starting point. The average base salary for a school superintendent in Texas now is over $350,000. These people do well. I don’t necessarily begrudge them that. It’s a tough job requiring a complicated mix of skills, knowledge and talent. But if you’re doing that well, if life in the public school business is that sweet for you, and if a report comes out showing that you are preparing a substantial number of your students for prison, then I think it behooves you to show a bit of modesty and gravitas. Screaming that you are the victim of a conspiracy to subvert public education sounds a lot like hiding the ball.

—Jim Schutze, from "Mediocrity Lobby Angry Because Grades for Schools Expose Their Incompetence"

Horse's Mouth

Sweat of Seniors
Participants must be at least 50 years old and will compete in 12 competitive sports and more than 32 different events, including pickleball. Our question: Where is the couple in the stock photo hiking to?

Capitol Gathering
Amid the numerous photos from the Texas State Legislature, the one from San Antonio's Jose Menendez was the most panoramically epic.

Parting Shot

Lt. Gov. Dan  Patrick, Jewelry Designer
"I designed this pin to reflect my faith, and love for the state and my country," he says. The size of the icons on the pin and the order of that sentence pretty much indicate his order of importance.

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