That Rhett Miller Makes One Adorable Punk

At some point today, Pete will no doubt post his musings on last night's LCD Soundsystem spectacular-spectacular at the Palladium. I look forward to that. But, alas, poor Pete bailed too soon. There was the after-show, after all, otherwise known as Rock Star Karaoke in the upstairs Loft (where the Buzzcocks are playing tomorrow -- the Buzzcocks, people).

Among our motley, slightly buzzed lot: one former ubiquitous teen folkie named Stewart Ransom Miller, also a one-time serial lady-killer. We arrived just before contest time. There were, maybe, 20, 30 people scattered about, some signed up for their turn at the mic. With RSK bassist Allan Hayslip, Rhett perused the list of songs the band knows, some better than others. They hit upon a three-chord familiar: the Ramones' "Blitzkrieg Bop." Rhett said he'd like to sing it. So he did. And he killed it. Fortunately, our pal Hal Samples, one of the night's judges, captured at least some of it. He passes along this excerpt.

I must ask Hal if has the night's real highlight: Jenn Nabb's "Barracuda."

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