The News Week in Review: Pensions, Snakes and Mumps, Oh My

An aerial view shows how Interstate 30 cuts off the Cedars neighborhood.
An aerial view shows how Interstate 30 cuts off the Cedars neighborhood. Joe Pappalardo
We know you're busy, so here's a roundup of the week;s news, from the Dallas Observer.

Talking Pension Crisis, Housing, Transportation With City Councilman Lee Kleinman
The District 11 council member sits for a lengthly — and unabashedly wonky — discussion of the future of the city's finances, transportation and housing.

Board Members Seek to Place Dallas Police and Fire Pension System in Receivership
The saga of the city's troubled police and fire pension fund continues, as players jockey for position in the fight to keep the system solvent in the face of a $3.6 billion unfunded liability and multiple lawsuits.

Dallas by Drone: Finding Forgotten Old City Park
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An aerial view shows how Interstate 30 cuts off the Cedars neighborhood.
Joe Pappalardo

The Cedars, once a high-end neighborhood just south of downtown, is a prime example of the way city planners can murder a neighborhood with zoning and wide highways. This history is on display from altitude, courtesy of the Dallas Observer's remotely piloted drone.

Dallas County High School Mumps Cases Prompt Health Alert
Dallas County Health and Human Services announced Thursday that three cases of mumps have been diagnosed at a Dallas County high school, bringing the county's total number of diagnoses this year to seven. 

Weekly Schutze

Let me go back to an earlier point. I still say the money situation that the city is in right now makes absolutely no sense unless there is a monumental leak or a series of leaks somewhere. ... I suggested three months ago that one place City Hall might want to check for leaks was in the area of so-called tax increment finance grants to developers — a complicated formula by which developers can get back tens of millions of dollars in taxes they owe to the city. ... What I can’t help wondering is why City Hall doesn’t think about going back to making money the old-fashioned way, by collecting the taxes due it?
—Jim Schutze, from Dallas Isn’t Really in a Position to Break New Ground on Tax Giveaways

Horse's Mouth

From Big Chief to Book Cover
Dallas' former police chief unveils his book. The tout on ABC is not surprising; Brown has signed on as an on-air commenter on race and policing.

Eye in the Sky
We often see police helicopters hovering overhead; here's what they see looking down.

Parting Shot

Snakes in Austin
A USA Today reporter captured an "only in Texas" moment at the capitol, as Junior Chamber of Commerce members (Jaycees) arrive to promote Sweetwater's 58th annual "rattlesnake roundup."

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Joe Pappalardo is the former editor-in-chief of the Dallas Observer.
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