One of three paintings from Strictly Tabu on sale on eBay

These Paintings Are Strictly Tabu

Though it's been gone eight years, it's still hard to believe Strictly Tabu isn't still hanging out at the intersection of Lomo Alto and Lemmon -- damned good pizza, if I recall correctly, and it was the perfect place to take a date when you wanted to feel like you were, I dunno, not in Dallas. Oh, yeah -- and the jazz. Though -- again, if I recall correctly -- toward the end of its run, Tabu was more into that lite-jazz thing, much more shades of Yellowjackets than, oh, Miles Davis. Regardless, the joint's missed among those who find Dallas' jazz scene sorely lacking.

But if you'd like a pretty substantial keepsake from Tabu, look no further than eBay, where someone is selling three of Eugeni Kolykhanov's familiar pink-flamingo paintings that hung in the club from 1995 till the shut-down in '99. They ain't cheap: The opening bid for the trio is $2,500, But you can't put a price on a memory, now can you? Oh, wait -- you can. My bad. --Robert Wilonsky

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