Barry Kooda

This Week in Oak Cliff News: Trees Along Davis, and Jason Reimer Talks Texas Theatre

As I was

otherwise occupied

yesterday, my wife and the 7-year-old who lives in our house made it over to Oak Cliff for the

Blues, Bandits and Barbeque

wingding, from which our own Kevin Todora returned with

this slide show

. But the weekend's event also marked

the return of the Better Block experiment

, highlighted by the "planting" of trees along W. Davis Street at N. Clinton Avenue.

Here's how it looks most days

; above is a photo taken by Barry Kooda from atop the Kessler on Saturday. Sam'll be along shortly with more from Sunday's shindig (hint:



And while we're on the subject of Oak Cliff, a few weeks back we noted that Adam Donaghey, Barak Epstein and Baptist General Jason Reimer were officially taking possession of the Texas Theatre in the hopes of turning the former movie palace into a modern-day revival house. Reimer was on Think's teevee show at the end of last week, chatting about the theater's past and future with Jerome Weeks. That video's on the other side.

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