Dallas City Hall as seen from above Pioneer Plaza.
Dallas City Hall as seen from above Pioneer Plaza.
Joe Pappalardo

Week in Review: Dueling Lawyers, Drone Views of Statues and Undocumented Support for Trump

We know you're busy. Here's a roundup of the news of the week from your pals at the Dallas Observer.

No One Around to Foot the Bill When Vandals Target Texas’ Historical Markers
After vandals strike a pair of markers in Llano, Texas, the cost of repairs trickled to those who can afford it the least.

From Immigrants and American Day Laborers, Two Views of Trump’s Stance on Deportation
We didn't expect to meet an undocumented immigrant who supports President Donald Trump, but that's why journalists go out and talk to people instead of just protestors and pundits.

Dallas By Drone: New Views of Old Statues
Using a quadcopter to gain a different vantage, the city's commonplace statues become less familiar. Featuring a really epic flyby of the Dallas Zoo's giraffe statue.

Defense Team Launches Counterattack Against FBI Testimony at JWP Trial
The battle is engaged. Here's the latest update from the corruption trial of John Wiley Price, which has become a duel of accusations and counter arguments.

Weekly Schutze

If you want an example of why people resent and mistrust government, take a look at what Dallas City Hall is trying to do with the botched concrete kayak park the city stuck in the river years ago at a cost to taxpayers at the time of somewhere between $4 and $5 million. Even though the city admits the whole thing is now worthless and even though they admit it screws up the river, City Hall wants to use its clout as a government entity to get out of doing anything. ... Why? Because City Hall thinks it can get away with it. Rather than even try to clean up the mess it created — even try — the city instead is asking a fellow branch of government, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, to let it off.

—Jim Schutze, from "If You’re City Hall and You Get Caught, Get the Law Changed. You’re That Cool"

Horse's Mouth

Aerial Parade
About 60 helicopters came to the Convention Center this Friday and Saturday for a helicopter exposition. Tell conspiracy theorists to put the guns back in the safe.

Green Hills
A hypnotic video of a job few of us think probably about.

Parting Shot

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.