What Peavy actually said

Media reports of a DISD trustee's comments offended an entire city. His exact words are even worse

Editor's note: What follows is the full three-page transcript of comments by Dallas school trustee Dan Peavy--remarks that have scandalized the city, even though few people have had the opportunity to actually read them in unadulterated form. The transcript, released at a DISD board meeting on Thursday, September 28, was produced by a DISD administrative aide from a tape recording anonymously sent to three school trustees. Peavy, who has acknowledged making the comments--and tearfully apologized for them--says the tape was spliced together from a number of conversations that were recorded without his knowledge. Though there are frequent gaps in the transcript, the Observer has made no changes, other than to delete the names and other identifying details of several people whom Peavy mentions, and correct obvious spelling or punctuation errors on the transcript.

Peavy: I have never witnessed dealing with as many ignorant mother fucking niggers...

Peavy: ...that I am having to deal with when I go to these fucked-up meetings. There is no wonder why we are running the way we are running. You know, [name deleted] has promoted this, these damned niggers, this this [name] ah [name]--

Other: Yes, and he's stupid.
Peavy: Who is he?
Other 1: I don't know.
Other 2: Hell if I know.
Other 3: He's slow. And [name], do you know him?
Other 1: I know [name].
Other 2: [Name] is worse than [name].

Peavy: He's slow, boy. The boy is fucking slow. Then you've got all of his underlings, which are slower. And then you've got [name] that's been promoted to [position]. I just got rid of him over at [name of department] where he fucked up so bad we had to outsource the mother fucker to get out of all the penalties that the state was putting on us. We had millions of dollars worth of fines that we were fixing to force ourselves on, until we out-sourced that with another crew, and got some white folks working on it.

Interruption in tape
Peavy: First thing we are going to do is go in there and get legal to fire [name]. Then we need to go fire [black assistant superintendent] Shirley Ison-Newsome.

Other: Well, I see, she, ah, for some reason I don't know why they are linked so close. Man, I can't, I...

Peavy: He don't need to put himself in bed with man folk. Like all those niggers you know he hired.

Other: Yeah.
Peavy: Well, we may have to, we need to talk to some of those blacks.
Other: Oh, I know it. I'm serious, but, Dan, they're all so goddamned...Say you only get rid of...who in the hell...

Peavy: ...that guy from New York.
Interruption in tape
Peavy: Hello (Pause). Oh, fuck you. (Pause) Some nigger!
Interruption in tape

Peavy: Anybody...you know. I know how much money I can make here freelancing, OK, and settling a deal here and there and doing what I want to do and not having to take anybody's shit and everything. And anybody that would go over here to one of these schools and take these mother fucking ignorant goddamned little niggers and everything else and all these chicken shit parents for $45,000 a year, you've got to kiss my fucking ass. I wouldn't take one of these fucking schools for 45,000 dollars, there's no way.

Other: I know, I hear you.
Interruption in tape
Peavy: Mother fucking [DISD trustee Bill] Keever on something...He's fucking through one item...

Other: ....anything, Dan...He can't do anything. He's just a fucking kid.
Peavy: He's a child. He's a fucking child. You see that's the problem. You see we don't have a school board. You've got [trustees] Yvonne [Ewell] and Kathlyn [Gilliam] that are...all they're talking about is nigger rights, and you've got Hollis [Brashear] who can't vote until he talks to them. And you've got Rene Castilla, who, his only issue is getting back at [school board president Sandy] Kress.

Other: Is he going to run again?
Peavy: No. No, Guillermo Galindo, Robert Madrano [presumably Medrano], and Kathleen Leos are running. I been on the phone on that deal tonight, trying to convince them to support this white gal; but they're not going to do it. They are going to go with Guillermo Galindo and he's very negative and we don't want him. We don't want him worth a shit. And then in this other race we got the fucking queer, and I don't know what he's, what his deal is. And then you have fucking Linda Mcfucking Dow, who is just like tits off a warthog; and Bill Keever. So that's the deal. And then you have Sandy Kress and I.

Other: ...son-of-a-bitch.
Peavy: I will guarantee, let me put it on the line. If it weren't for Sandy and I, the whole fucking thing, you would lose it all to the press and Woolery wouldn't be, he wouldn't have a job now. Whether he deserves the job or doesn't deserve it, I'm telling you, the boy wouldn't have one. He has no PR skills whatsoever. And Kress is just leading him around everywhere and then they try to show his effectiveness....blind.

Interruption in tape
Other: Ms. Ewell is sure behind the Newsome.
Peavy: I believe she's the most....I...want to say she's an asshole, I know that. I can't stand her ass. I can tell that she's [an] asshole because I know how she treats me. She just kisses my ass.

Other: She does the same thing to Sandy, right? If I were pissed off she would ask what it's about.

Peavy: I could go in there and wear the ugliest fucking tie I've got, and know it's ugly, she'd still....black mother fucker in a god-damned lot, and then put it on, knowing it's the ugliest one I got [and] that cow would say "Mr. Peavy, that sure is a beautiful tie you have on today." That's what that cow would say.

Interruption in tape
Peavy: ...white boy...I never really liked the fucking nigger, and I won't now; not like Sandy Kress. I won't....He's an ignorant mother fucker.....He's weak...he even makes a nice picture. Until he opens his mouth, until he says something, then you know he is a fucking amateur. You know, I lay you odds, that question by question, without any practice, I could answer it better for the press and for the TV than he does. Right now, no practice or anything, you just ask me the questions.

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