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When Kory Watkins Hosts a Game Show, There Are Only Losers

It's been awhile since Kory Watkins has haunted these electronic pages. Since storming through the last Texas Legislative session, the former leader of Open Carry Tarrant County has been pretty quiet.

Especially compared to 2015, when we saw the gangly anarcho-libertarian intimidate state Representative Poncho Nevarez — who had the gall to refuse to support Watkins' call for unfettered gun rights — to the point that capitol police offered members of the legislature panic buttons for their offices. Watkins hasn't recently released one of his trademark unhinged Youtube videos called for the death of legislators who think that handgun carriers should be licensed. 

Watkins has seemed content to seclude himself in East Texas, working on building a "community of freedom lovers" near Lake Tawakoni. It's called the Texas Freedom Grounds. Mostly it's a group of folks who home-school their kids together, hate government regulations and love shooting guns.  

So when Watkins' posted a video on his Youtube channel this week, we feel duty-bound to cover it. Filmed during a rare foray into the big city, Watkins and his buddy Brett Sanders take to the streets of Deep Ellum for a sort-of game show Watkins calls "Drunken Democracy."

It's exactly what you'd expect. A red-faced Watkins has too much to drink, and goes around asking people questions like "Is taxation theft?" and "Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are on top of the Entire [sic] State Building. Who jumps, they both jump at the same time, who lands first?"

The answer to that last riddle, of course, is "Who the fuck cares?"

If you're a fan of Watkins' particular brand of insanity, it's a can't miss. We missed you, Kory. Welcome back.

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