You Didn't By Any Chance Happen to Buy The Bill Clinton-Gennifer Flowers Tapes, Did You?

I had the privilege and pleasure of riding shotgun with Jack E. Jett during yesterday's broadcast of his Rational Radio show, during which he welcomed the most astounding what-the-what assortment of guests: Al B. Sure!, Bob Barker, Gennifer Flowers and Joe the Plumber -- no, really. Anyway, during her appearance, Flowers acknowledged that when she tried last year to auction off recordings of her infamous, intimate phone chats with then-Governor Bill Clinton, she could find no takers -- at least, not initially.

But eventually, she said, someone was willing to take 'em off her hands for an undisclosed sum, on the condition they couldn't resell them for public consumption. To whom did she unload the artifact? She didn't say, except to acknowledge that, well, matter of fact, it was someone right here in Dallas, at which point we asked her if perhaps we might one day be able to check them out from a certain library to be constructed on the SMU campus. Surprisingly, she kept her mouth shut.

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