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10 Best Dallas Lunch Spots

Lunch is the best part of every workday, specifically because it’s not work. For whatever period of time you’re lucky enough to get away from the grind, lunch allows you to focus on sustenance and rejuvenation. It’s also time to focus on meals that will assure you’re able to snooze through afternoon conference calls. “I’m sorry, could you repeat that question, please?”

We had to pick only one Best Lunch Spot in our Best of Dallas 2015 issue because that's the rule — one winner per category. But there are plenty more. Let’s be clear here: This list is not for ladies who lunch. If you’re looking for a big and satisfying lunch break, read on.

Slow Bone (pictured above)
Slow Bone is this year's Best Lunch Spot in Dallas. Minutes from downtown on Irving Boulevard, with ample parking, Slow Bone offers classic Texas barbecue in a smartly repurposed space that's small, clean, bright and arctic air-conditioned. Get the classics, of course — fall-off-the-bone ribs, butter-soft chopped beef and rich, chewy sausage — but do try some of the house specialties, like Oora's jalapeño mac and cheese, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower au gratin.

Luscher’s Red Hots
Don’t even go back to the office after a lunch at Luscher’s, especially if you’ve happened upon the place on a Tuesday when the fries are cooked in tallow, assuring you’ll eat every last one. If your fries were a side for Luscher’s Italian beef sandwich your eyes will be heavy before you get out the door. On the off chance you’re not trying to eat your way into oblivion, I think they offer a salad or something.
Uncle Uber’s
All hail the sandwich kings! There’s a line at this shop every day around noon for one reason alone. Every office worker within two miles knows that Uncle Uber's is one of the best places in Dallas to get a sandwich. Whether you want turkey with lettuce and tomato or a pastrami gut bomb with cheese, Uncle Uber’s has you covered.

CBD Provisions
Located in the heart of downtown in the Joule, this new American restaurant is a charmer, and the sandwiches they serve are given the gourmet treatment. Don’t miss the Cuban or the burger for a sublime meat-and-melted-cheese experience. If you’d rather nap than go back to the office, you’re already in a hotel.

East Hampton
The sandwiches here are seriously fussed over and the results are delicious. Don’t miss the lobster roll if you’ve gotten a raise recently, and if you’re not feeling so flush, the short rib and cheese is a winner. No matter what you order, don’t pass up the house-fired potato chips.
20 Feet
Fish and Chips plus a little BYOB? Do I need to describe anything else, like a shaded patio, great desserts or a lunch that eats like a trip to the beach? Boulangerie
Ah, la jambon beurre, no? Perhaps you sit on the bench out front and smoke a Gauloise while reveling in how French you are.
This new Lakewood spot is a perfect place for lunch, and actually a light and appealing option if the rest of this list seems too heavy. Don’t worry, though. We’ll get right back on track with…

Why not just have dessert for lunch? A massive sundae named after a local food personality beats your office cafeteria lunch 10 times out of 10. The sugar alone will keep you going till about 3 p.m. After that, you might want to think about a latte.

Tap your order into the screen and get ready for one of the best bowls of ramen to be had in Dallas. You’ll have to eat on your feet, but you’ve been sitting on your ass all morning, so the lack of stools at Ten’s counter is actually a good thing.
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