12 Off-The-Beaten-Path Burgers in North Texas

Originally we ran this guide for Off-The-Beaten-Path Burgers for National Cheeseburger Day, but we're updating it now on account of our very own Burger Week. We've also lost one and gained two. But, who are we kidding? "Reasons" for burger posts are arbitrary. We could rinse and repeat all day.

Sandburgs in Burleson closed (total bummer). But, we missed Griff's on the original run and, after the aforementioned closing, discovered Grump's.

As a reminder, this is list of places where you can find a good burger that you might not expect. We cover the usual suspects regularly and will give them even more attention throughout the week.

Griff's Hamburgers Griff's (715 E. Irving Blvd) is homage to a bygone age. After over 50 years in the burger business, not much has changed from the greasy burgers to the A-frame architecture. Bring a roll of quarters for the Ms. Pac Man and Galaga games. There's nothing real fancy here, just slightly-over cooked greasy, thin patties served sans apologies. There are other locations at 1050 S. Buckner Blvd, 2150 N. Jupiter and few other North Texas spots.

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Grump's Burgers Fortunately, it's just a name and there's no surly shtick passed off as part of the restaurant theme. Everyone is really nice at Grump's (108 S. Main St., Burleson). Even nicer are their thick home-style burgers, preferably enjoyed with a cold beer perched on their upstairs patio on a nice evening. Everything is made as it's ordered, so consider calling ahead if you're in a hurry. Or just relax and chill with a bowl of chips and queso while you wait.

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